As of yesterday morning I have officially lost 100 pounds since I started this new journey. I weighed in at 275 and I still can’t believe it. It feels surreal that I’m actually losing so much weight in such little time, and it seems like it was only yesterday that I was still close to 400 pounds.

Losing the weight is very exciting and has changed my life completely. But there have been some super frustrating moments over the last few months though. Meal time can be a challenge, especially since there are rules I need to follow. And as my wife can tell you, I don’t follow rules very well. There are lots of foods and drinks I should stay away from, but its so hard to say no to ice cream and soda. I try not to indulge to much but I’m only human. Even though I eat things I shouldn’t, I’m happy that I feel like I can keep myself from gorging like I used to. I can only eat a few ounces at a time before I feel absolutely full. And that in itself is frustrating because sometime it doesn’t seem like I get to enjoy food anymore. But I guess thats the point now, food doesn’t have to take over my life like it used to. Even though there were moments that I felt like I was going to go crazy because I wanted food and lots of it.

I don’t know how much money we’ve saved on food but I don’t eat nearly as much as I use to. I rarely go out to eat anymore, and if I do, I usually order one item from the dollar menu. I am kinda happy about that because I used to feel guilty for spending so much money on out food, but I felt like there was no way I was ever going to stop. There were times I would spend between $15 and $20 in drive through just for my meal. And the worst part was that there were times I didn’t feel like I ever got full.

I still miss food a lot, but I’m happy I can control it now. I feel much healthier and more energetic. I haven’t had to take blood pressure medicine in almost 2 months and that alone makes me so happy. And through all these ups and downs, I know that I made the right decision, and still have zero regrets. If I knew then, what I know now, I would still have gone though with it.

It’s been about a week since I went in for weight loss surgery, Gastric Sleeve surgery to be specific. Recovery is going good considering I just lost about 70% of my stomach. And for being a week out, I’m still happy with my decision to have it done.

It all happened so fast for me, and I can barely believe that I actually did it. My curiosity about having this surgery started around January 2015 when I asked my doctor about it. As per usual, my wife comes with me to every doctors appointment I have. My wife and doctor both convinced me that day, that I should try and lose weight on my own. Maybe I would find out that I didn’t even need the surgery after all. I agreed and with both of them and tried losing some weight.

At my heaviest about four or five years ago, I was about 450 lb. I’ve tried losing weight before but the best I’ve been able to do was come down to about 395 lb. by the time I went to the doctors office. Knowing that I wasn’t going to have the surgery I tried losing weight by watching what I ate. That didn’t work to well because I only lost about 20 pounds. But I am happy that I didn’t gain any weight though.

Fast forward to January 2016, and I had another appointment with my doctor and I asked him again about having weight loss surgery. With my wife by my side, we started the referral process. With my wife’s determination, that process did not take long and I had an appointment set to meet the surgeon who would perform my surgery. I weighed in at 375 lb, On February 22nd 2016, on that first appointment with Dr. Suh. He put me on a zero starch diet and gave me a list of things that I needed to get done.

I have to thank my wife for setting up all my lab work, and clearances I needed to get done. I don’t think that it would have happened so fast without her being so active on getting me through it all. I saw Dr. Suh again about a month later, and I now weighed 354 lb. I was done with everything that needed getting done, and pretty soon I had my day set.

Star Wars Day 2016 (May the 4th) I showed up to the hospital at 9am with my wife and now my mom by my side. By noon all I could see were the ceiling lights as they rolled me in to get it done. I can only remember taking orders from one nurse, and getting buckled down by another, while I heard someone say that the anesthesia was going in now and it wouldn’t be too long. Seconds later (at least thats how it felt), I woke up in recovery with a new realization that what I just did, change my life forever. And theres no looking back now.

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I came across an issue with wordpress a couple of years ago that I never really paid much attention to until today. Every time I try to update WordPress or update a plugin (or install a new plugin) I get the following dialog asking for my ftp credentials.


I develop primarily on a MacBook Pro running ‘Mountain Lion’ and sometimes on my HP Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin’. When I setup my dev environment on the Mac I installed everything from the command line. I didn’t want to depend on MAMP or any other LAMP stack. Not that I don’t like them but because I really want to be able to develop from the root level of my computer(s). And because I’ve yet to find a stack that includes Ruby let alone one that uses Apache as a web server.

Needless to say, there is more to learn when developing from the command line. I found out from a post on StackExchange that when installing wordpress (I’m sure this can apply to many things) proper permissions need to be set at the root of your WordPress site to avoid the above ftp issue.

In short the following bit of code should solve the issue. Replace ‘wordpress’ with the name you gave your WordPress folder at installation.

$ cd /Path/To/SitesFolder
$ sudo chown -R _www wordpress
$ sudo chmod -R g+w wordpress

Update: March 30, 2014

I just ran into the same issue on Ubuntu 12.04 and a tiny modification needs to be made to line 2 of the code above. Instead of using _www I used www-data with the same success. I should have tested this on Ubuntu before I initially posted this solution.

$ cd /Path/To/SitesFolder
$ sudo chown -R www-data wordpress
$ sudo chmod -R g+w wordpress

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I have yet to develop a them on Tumblr, and kind of have the same feelings that Andy Leverenz before starting to develop for the blogging platform.

Tumblr at the time was something I never knew of or understood why someone would want to use it. I had no clue how customizable it truly was until I dug deeper.

Read more at Smashing Magazine to get a great primer on developing for Tumblr.

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I don’t know how long it will take but I’ve decided to build a teardrop trailer. Over the last couple of years I have completely fallen in love with these tiny trailers. Which is very interesting because I’m a big guy, at just over 6 feet tall. But one of the biggest reasons I want one is because I can build it myself and customized it to fit my needs. This is going to be a fun project even though I’ve never tried anything this large before. So, I guess it’s time to clean up the garage and make some room for my next project.

After working on other projects and updating them to WordPress 3.5, I decided to come back to my beloved CMS of choice. I’ve been working hard at work and freelance projects that I hadn’t had time to work on my own blog. And after seeing the new theme (Twenty Twelve) that has come along with the latest version of WordPress I couldn’t help but start off anew. I’ve decided to write once a week no matter what, so I hope I don’t forget this promise that I’ve made to myself.

I’m really loving this new Twenty Twelve theme. Although I’m still planning on rolling out a new theme of my own, this will more that suffice for quite a while.

Hope to get lots of readers in on this site and I hope that it will be both fun and productive.